Friday, May 1, 2009

Pecan Sandies - Everyday Food

These were the first of the four cookies that I made today! I simply made these cookies to use up my last bit of pecans that were laying around. They were a cinch to make and were also very, very quick. There were very few ingredients needed. The dough was a little on the crumbly side and just a tad hard to roll into a ball. I used my little ice cream scooper and it managed the dough a lot easier. These cookies really grow on you as you eat them. By the time you are finishing your first cookie you are wanting another one!
My husband and I both thought that this was a really good recipe when you want to stray from the old standby cookie. We even said that this would make a great ice cream sandwich with some vanilla ice cream sandwiched in between two cookies!!
You can find the recipe here on Martha's site.

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