Monday, May 4, 2009

Olivia's 8th Birthday Cake!!

I had big plans for Olivia's cake yesterday. Every year she wants a boxed yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting. This presents a challenge every year because a chocolate frosted cake is hard to decorate. This year I thought I had a great idea. On our recent trip to Disney World we purchased a huge Mr. Potatohead with all kinds of cute little parts. There were Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy parts. I wanted to cut the cake into a potatohead shape and decorate with potatohead pieces. Although Olivia loves to play Mr. Potatohead with her little brother, she did not like this idea. The reason why? A Mr. Potatohead cake did not match her Hannah Montana themed birthday party. She asked me if she could decorate her own cake and how could I refuse? It was her cake after all. Good thing I didn't have any sprinkles!! They would've been poured on the cake!


  1. C'mon Mom! Of course Mr. Potatohead didn't match Hanna Montana!What were you thinking? :)

    She is just so cute - and those eyes! What a beautiful shade of blue!

  2. Olivia is a beautiful little girl, those bright blue eyes are stunning. Happy Birthday Olivia!!


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