Friday, May 1, 2009

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies - Everday Food

This is another great recipe for cookies from the newest copy of Everyday Food. These sandwich cookies were a lot easier to make than the "oreo" type posted earlier. The dough is simple and is rolled in cling wrap and then tucked in the freezer for an hour. Once the dough is removed from the freezer it is much easier to slice and bake. Mine are a normal cookie size and round in shape. It looks like they are more log shaped in the magazine. It didn't really matter to me (especially after making four types of cookies- LOL). In fact, when I was adding the filing I was practically falling asleep. It didn't matter to me how pretty they looked!!

This is a very tasty and addictive cookie and it should come with a warning!! The recipe makes about 30 sandwiches and I would advise you to have lots of company to help gobble them up!! If you are a peanut butter lover than this is your cookie!!


  1. mmmm - peanut butter! I love love love it, but since I can't make them, enjoy one for me!

  2. Oh my gosh,, I saw these too (and the previous ones) and wanted to make them both!!! They look so awesome :)

  3. We love peanutbutter at our house, thank you for sharing!!

  4. Oh, well, these look and sound fantastic, love the sandwich idea!


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