Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pretzel Rolls

Last Thursday I was on my way back home to Elyria, Ohio for my 16-year high school reunion. Some people have asked why a 16-year reunion? Apparently, our "normal" 15-year reunion snuck up on the organizers too fast and I think I can appreciate that. After all, where does the time go? My three best friends and I piled into the car, a little on the nervous side, and drove to the reunion. The venue was a neighborhood bar, owned by a girl we graduated with. Invitations were sent out via facebook only, and even though there wasn't a huge turnout, it was still a lot of fun. There were many people from our elementary school, old friends, old prom dates, and even a couple of old enemies. As usual, there were a couple of highlights during the evening:

  • We played quite a few old Michael Jackson songs. We remembered when we were in 3rd grade and our elementary school let us watch the "making of the thriller video". We remembered the free Michael Jackson poster in the local newspaper that adorned our rooms, our white gloves, our off-the-shoulder tops that said "Thriller", and we laughed when we remembered our elementary school art teacher doing the moondance for us. We celebrated the good memories of Michael Jackson.

  • My senior prom date apologized to me for his behavior on prom night.

  • My girlfriends and I laughed as we woofed down our Smitty Burgers before anyone could come over and talk with us. Who wants to be chowing down on a burger, with special sauce, and be confronted with someone you haven't seen in 16 years??

  • When the reunion was over, my friend and I went to Rally's, where we worked in high school. We decided to give "A" side a "fast car". (For those of you who haven't worked fast food, the fast car is any car that goes through the drive thru in about 30 seconds). The fast car was always the goal for us back in the day. After the store closed at night, we would ride our bicycles through the drive thru windows to bring our time down for the night. We shared this with the girl who was working the drive thru window and she thought we were crazy. We laughed so hard it hurt.

I made these pretzel rolls before I left for the reunion. I served them with Dr. Tyler's Chicken Meatball and Tortellini Soup. The recipe for the pretzel rolls can be found here. The first time we had pretzel rolls was at Cinderella's castle inside the WDW themepark. The whole meal was a royal treat, but my husband's favorite part was the pretzel rolls with the mustard butter. I found Aida's recipe online and decided to give them a try. They were delicious, soft, buttery, and gone in about 1 hour!! The recipe makes 8 very soft, fluffy, salty, buttery delicious rolls. I will be making this recipe over and over. The rolls do not keep very well, so they are best eaten after coming out of the oven. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!!

I am submitting this recipe to Sandy over at Bake Your Own Bread for the July 1st round up.


  1. They sound fantastic and like the perfect pairing for soup.

  2. Ah, yes... the high school reunion. I'm helping to plan my 10th as we speak (and the time has just flown by!). I love pretzel rolls... will you ship me some? :)

    p.s. I'm a huge Bill fan (loved him in the books), but Eric is such a cutie on the show. I'm torn!

  3. Ok, the pretzel rolls got my attention, but it was ELYRIA that kept me reading! Really?? I grew up in Toledo, and my folks live in Strongsville now. I have friends in Sandusky, but I think they lived in Elyria for a while, too! What a small world!!!

  4. I love those rolls! Pretzel rolls sound like the ultimate comfort food to me.
    Sounds like you had a great time. I must be a little older than you... I was in highschool when Thriller came out. I saw Michael in concert back in the day...

  5. It sounds like you had fun!

    I never went to any of my reunions, I sort of wish I would have at least gone to one.

  6. These sound awesome...my son is always asking for the pretzel bread they sell at our Farmer's Market. Am I missing the recipe?????

  7. I had pretzel rolls for the first time on the cruise and absolutely died of happiness. Those things are SO good.

    Sounds like you had a fun reunion. Thank god for facebook!

  8. pretzel rolls sound delicious!

  9. Oh, I am feeling pretty old right now..... I graduated high school 23 years ago... and completely skipped my reunions. Long story.

    Anyways, my kids love soft pretzels, so you know I'll be trying these!

  10. I was searching for pretzel rolls online and found you! These look so great!

  11. I love bread, any bread! This is under my list but not yet in the menu. Will try very soon.


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