Monday, October 12, 2009

Mini Mummies *A Halloween Treat* for My Girl Paula

This month for My Girl Paula, we are going to be making some of Paula's Halloween treats. This week's choice was Mini Mummies, a hot dog wrapped in pie dough (or crescent dough, in my case). The kids really like them and they can pretty much wrap them and cook them all on their own. My eight year old daughter had a blast wrapping up these hot dogs. You can find the recipe here.

We served these little Greenie Meanies on the side, which turned out pretty cute. They are made pretty easily using two slices of green apple, peanut butter, and sliced almonds. You can cut various scary teeth patterns into the apple slices to create your own look. My creativity is limited, so I did a simple design. They turned out good, and reminded me of how good apples are with peanut butter- yum :D
Later on, we decorated our Halloween tree. I had an old green ficus tree laying around the house. Apparently, in addition to bouncing off the walls, kids also enjoy tearing apart plastic trees. My poor green tree had seen it's last life and it was time to do something with it. I decided to spray paint it black, decorate it with garland, and hang ornaments on it. The whole craft was a "learning experience", but I think it turned out cute and hopefully we can have it for the next couple years. Surprisingly, none of the kids are messing with the Halloween Tree. Apparently plastic green trees are much more fun to tear apart than a Halloween Tree!!?? Sometimes kids just don't make any sense, do they?
I won this award from Kathy of Three on Food. Thank you Kathy! I love your blog too! In fact, I am really enjoying everyone's blog lately. I'd like to share this award with everyone :D Sometimes it is to hard to pick just two people to pass it on to!

The rules of this award are to answer the questions with one word answers. I'm going to try...well, maybe not. I can never stop's a real issue of mine.

Where is your cell phone? hopefully far away - I don't like the thing.
Your hair? needs cutting
Your mother? best friend
Your father? my hero
Your favorite food? pasta & chocolate
Your dream last night? moved to Colorado and got a job in an office
Your Favorite Drink? Iced Tea
Your dream/goal? A huge trip around the world
What room are you in? living room
Your hobby? Cooking and blogging
Your fear? Bugs
Where do you want to be in 6 years? Yikes....I'll be 40!! I can't think that far ahead.
Where were you last night? apple orchard and pumpkin patch
Something you aren't? Organized
Muffins? sometimes
Wish list item? great pair of black boots
Where did you grow up? Ohio *the heart of it all*
Last thing you did? made sesame noodles
What are you wearing? yoga pants and t-shirt
Your TV? is not on
Your pets? two children are enough to take care of, right?
Your friends? like sisters to me
Your life? ls a good mix of chaotic and relaxing
Your mood? happy
Missing someone? My dad and friends who live in Ohio
Vehicle? Chrysler Pacifica
Something you're not wearing? Bra -can't stand those things!
Your favorite store? Are you kidding me? All of them!
Your favorite color? right now it is anything pumpkin colored
When was the last time you laughed? just a minute ago
Last time you cried? not sure
Your best friend? I have known them since I was 5.
One place that I go over and over? the laundry room :D
One person who emails me regularly? Amazon
Favorite place to eat? San Francisco, Las Vegas, any major city


  1. You grew up in Ohio? Me, too! I swear, we have a few too many things in common! lol

  2. Cute Halloween ideas. I love the little hot dog mummies :)

  3. Those mini mummies look great! I should have done that :) I love the tree too and how you revamped it. Kids are strange like that and I'm sure my kids would have done the same

  4. The apple treat is so cute! I love all the fun Halloween food things, mine won't let me do any of the really creepy ones, although last year they let me make a jello brain mold it was awesome :)
    Maybe your kids are afraid of the Halloween tree? Kids, lol :)

  5. I love that mummy! My son would still get a kick out of that.
    Person who emails you the most - Amazon. I hear that!!

  6. The kids must have been deliriously happy with those mummies and scary apples. Great post. I know lots about you now.

  7. ahhh! how cute and yummy are those?!? they sound like they go bump in the night :)

  8. My kids were looking over my shoulder when I first saw this post and they totally went crazy. I've already added hot dogs to the grocery list. Cute, cute!

  9. Those look great! I should've gone with crescent rolls too. My pie crust mummies might have looked all pretty wrapped up, but as soon as you bite into them you've got pie crust shrapnel falling everywhere! :D

  10. I got the idea for the ghost casserole from the Pillsbury web site, their recipe is different but the concept is the same. They have a lot of fun recipes you should check it out :)

  11. Your halloween treats are SO cute!! You asked about the beef stew on my blog...any beef (except burger) will work fine.

  12. Halloween themed foods always make me giggle. They are so inventive and fun to look at. I love the apples and PB teeth. One of my favorite combinations of foods.

    Congrats on winning the award. I loved learning about you through the MEME.

  13. Love the mummy hot dog :D so cute
    Congrats on your award, its fab learning more about you and now I know that I know more about you I like you even more, but... no bra???? Oh my god, i am uncomfortable not wearing one lol.

  14. I always think those wrapped mummies are soo cute--they make me laugh!!

    So cool to learn a little about you!!

  15. These are just too cute! My son is all grown up, so I live vicariously through younger families.

  16. Very cute mummies and apples! I like your meme! It's fun to learn little facts about people :)

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