Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rant for going "Kroger-ing"

Ok, I have to explain this post. I am very frustrated with the local grocery store options. We recently moved from Lexington, KY to Georgetown, KY and the difference in grocery shopping is night and day. We have one pretty small Kroger and then a Super Walmart. I don't do Super Walmart and you don't want to get me started on that. The Kroger store is fine and the people are nice enough, but you just can't count on them to have anything on your grocery list. As you can imagine, this is a problem for someone who likes to cook. I have been use to shopping at Fresh Market, Whole Foods, Critchfield Meats (local butcher), and several other stores. I decided to research other grocery options in Georgetown and I couldn't find anything. I did find this comment about our local Kroger. It really made me laugh and I wanted to share it with you:

The Kroger was recently remodeled. Its former location was in the current Ace Hardware building just up the road. The parking lot is always packed and you will always see someone you know at the store. Most of the staff live here and have worked at the store for years. Be sure to say "hi" to Charlie Hoffman, the butcher. He is a really nice guy and a Kentucky State Representative.

Wow, the parking lot is always packed? That sounds like so much fun!! In fact, it sounds like the perfect place to take two children.

Secondly...I'll see someone I know. Well isn't that just peachy!! No pressure there. I mean I always go Krogering in my Sunday best and my children are so well-behaved in the store. You better look good while shopping at this Kroger... you might be screaming at your daughter while in your sweatpants with no makeup and run into her 2nd grade teacher. That's always the kind of thing you expect at the grocery store.

What was that they mentioned.....most of the staff lives there? Wierd. Maybe they could do something about the rotting garlic that has been in the produce department for the past 2 months. I mean I understand going to Lexington for off the wall ingredients, but garlic? Surely if someone is living there then they will see the rotting garlic. I hope, I really do.

And, the last statement. Well, that just says it all. "Say hi to Charlie". How did they know that was the entire reason for packing up two kids in an ice storm and going to the grocery? I think I've been missing something my whole life. I think it's finally dawned on me...Grocery shopping is a social event!!

Next time my husband asks what we're going to do over the weekend; I'll simply tell him that we're going Krogering! I'll be sure to tell him that we've misunderstood the grocery store all along. I'll have to tell him that we don't go to the grocery to buy quality produce or common cuts of meat. We don't expect to find anything on our list. I'll tell him that we are going Krogering because it's so slammin' you can't even find a parking spot. I'll follow that up by explaining that we might see a few local celebrities and maybe even one of our neighbors, teachers or contractors. I might suggest that we meet some of our friends in the parking lot and go inside together.

Seriously, I have decided that I will probably try to go to Lexington for my groceries. The options are just a lot better and the prices are too. It makes a difference if you can get fresh ingredients.

Happy Shopping!!

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  1. Kim,
    I just laughed and cried when I read this.
    You are too funny!!! All of your food looks great! I've been cooking alot too!!
    We're going to look great in bathing suits if we keep eating like keep making deserts! Not good for the diet :) but thats ok, the hubby doesn't seem to mind when he's eating the food!!!! Talk to you soon!



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