Sunday, November 20, 2022

Ina Garten's Ravioli En Brodo

 I scored a copy of Ina Garten's latest cookbook, Go-To Dinners, and immediately couldn't wait to look through it. There is always one recipe that jumps out at me in every cookbook and this time around it was Ina's Ravioli En Brodo. Something about the time of year and a cozy bowl of ravioli in a light and flavorful broth just really spoke to me.

This recipe requires A LOT of chopping, but that is my favorite kitchen task, and once you're done, the rest is easy peasy. 

Two chopped onions, four chopped carrots, three ribs of chopped celery, and one bulb of diced fennel goes into a stockpot and cooks down and concentrates to make one of the tastiest broths. I was a little worried my husband wouldn't care for the fennel, but it wasn't overly pronounced and adds a subtle flavor that really just rounds out the broth.

Add a little Parmesan rind, or if you don't have one then just add some Parmesan. Add the chicken broth and eventually the ravioli and you have a really cozy and hearty meal that will really warm your bones and satisfy. We absolutely loved this and I will definitely be making it a lot! 

Ravioli En Brodo

Adapted from Go To Dinners 

by Ina Garten

Serves 4-6

olive oil

2 cups chopped yellow onions (2 onions)

2 cups (1/2" thick) diagonally sliced carrots, scrubbed (3 to 5 carrots)

1-1/2 cups (1/2"inch) diced celery (3 ribs)

1-1/2 cups (1/2"inch diced fennel, top and core removed

8 cups simmering chicken stock

1 Italian Parmesan cheese rind*

salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 pound cheese ravioli, fresh or frozen

freshly grated Italian Parmesan cheese, for serving

minced fresh dill or parsley, for serving

Freshly squeezed lemon juice, for serving

Note: I didn't have a Parmesan rind laying around in my freezer, so I just put in some Parmesan cheese. I also didn't feel like cooking the ravioli in a separate pot, so I just threw it in with the soup. I am not a fussy cook. I know that Ina does extra step so the ravioli don't get bloated with the liquid from the soup, but I also knew that my soup would be eaten up quickly and there would be no leftovers. Even if the ravioli got bloated up I was okay with that too. Of course, if I were entertaining or worried about presentation then I would opt for Ina's extra step. The choice is yours! Do what works for you! 

Heat 1/4 cup olive oil in a medium (10-11 inch) pot or Dutch oven, such as Le Creuset, over medium heat. Add the onions, carrots, celery, and fennel and saute for 10 to 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are softened. Add the chicken stock, 2 cups water, the Parmesan rind, 1 tablespoon salt, and 1 teaspoon pepper. Bring to a boil, lower the heat, and simmer, partially covered, for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove the Parmesan rind and taste soup for seasonings.

Meanwhile, cook the ravioli in a large pot of boiling water with 2 tablespoons salt for 4 to 6 minutes (or according to pkg directions), stirring occasionally. Drain and spread out on a plate so they don't stick together.

For serving, place the warm ravioli in large soup bowls and ladle the hot soup over them. Sprinkle with Parmesan, dill, and a squeeze of lemon and serve hot. 

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  1. That sounds delicious! Adding to my list of soups for this winter.

  2. This is certainly cozy and hearty. Who won't want a full bowl of this?

  3. This sounds like exactly the kind of warm but simple dish that I am craving! I love your adjustments to dirty fewer pots - a girl after my own heart!


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