Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chrissy Tiegan's Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups

Chrissy Tiegan published her first cookbook and I ignored it. I chalked it up to another celebrity cookbook that I didn't need. Then she published a second cookbook and I rolled my eyes and continued to ignore it. Both cookbooks were bestsellers and people raved about them and yet I continued to ignore them. I couldn't believe that people were giving these books the time of day. After all, how can a model know good food and write good cookbooks?

Then I kept seeing her recipes pop up on Instagram and each one looked more delicious than the next. I started to change my mind. On one of my trips to Target I picked up her cookbooks and quickly saw why so many people loved them! They were full of beautifully photographed food and the most delicious and completely different recipes. I bought both of them and quickly found myself bookmarking so many recipes.

I gotta tell you...these Cravings cookbooks from Chrissy Tiegan are hands down my favorite cookbooks right now! So far I've made her Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups, Crispy Bacon and Sweet Pickle Patty Melts, Parmesan Skillet Eggs, and her Skillet Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blondies and each of the recipes I've tried have been insanely delicious! So, this summer I'll be sharing lots of Chrissy Tiegan recipes and I cannot wait.

To start, I have these Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups and they could not be easier! If you're looking for a quick brunch dish or a special breakfast, look no further. All you need is a handful of ingredients. This recipe comes together in no time.

A few day-old croissants, some eggs, half and half, sugar, and a pinch of salt go into thin slices of ham that are made into cups. A quick soak of the bread pudding mixture and you can pop this right into the oven.  A delicious breakfast or brunch in a cute little ham package!

I really like the sweet bread pudding version, but I'm also imagining a savory version using a few tablespoons of Dijon mustard instead of sugar and vanilla.  I think both versions would be equally delicious!

Stay tuned for next week because I'm sharing my new favorite recipe, Chrissy's Parmesan Skillet Eggs. They are mind-blowingly delicious!  

Croissant Bread Pudding Ham Cups
Adapted from Cravings Hungry For More
by Chrissy Tiegan
Serves 3-6

6 thin slices deli ham, patted dry
3 large eggs
3/4 cup half and half
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
1-2 croissants (3 cups chopped croissants)
Demerara or Turbinado sugar for decorating tops

Preheat the oven to 400F.  Coat 6 cups of a standard muffin tin with cooking spray.

Tuck one thin slice of ham into each cup, trying to make as much of a cup shape as possible with the edges sticking out on top. You're going to feel ridiculous doing this. It's ok. Life is ridiculous.

In a bowl, whisk together the eggs and half and half, then add the granulated sugar, vanilla, and a dash of salt. 

Tear the croissant(s) into 2-inch pieces (about 3 cups, so use more croissants to get to that amount if you need to). Throw the pieces into the egg mixture, toss to coat, and let sit 15 minutes.

Fill the ham cups with the croissant mixture and sprinkle each one with Demerara sugar.  Bake until the tops are golden and crusty, about 15 minutes (mine needed about 18 minutes).  Let them cool slightly, then unmold them by slipping a knife under the cups and gently transferring them to a plate. Serve with fruit, if desired.

Chrissy Tiegan's Cravings Hungry For More



  1. I ignored Chrissy at first too for the exact same reasons...but then people I really respect and trust their food taste said they loved her food! I still haven't made any of her recipes...but I feel like I really should.

  2. I confess I bought her first cookbook and read it, then put it on the shelf. I'm going to dust it off and try some of her yummy sounding recipes. Thanks for reminding me.


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