Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smashed Spiced Chickpeas

While on vacation up in Ohio, my friends and I decided to take all 8 of our kids to the drive-in movie theater.  Even though we packed all kinds of snacks and drinks, the kids still wanted to go to the refreshment stand.  Surprise!  Surprise!

When I was younger there wasn't too much of a variety at the refreshment stand.  The usual popcorn, hot dogs, and maybe a corn dog if you were lucky.  Nowadays they have all manner of things: pizza, meatball subs, cheeseburgers, jalapeno poppers, deep-fried macaroni and cheese, nachos, chicken tenders, hot dogs, soft pretzels, and wait for it.......they even have hummus served with pretzel chips!  I admit, even I had to laugh when I spotted that hummus.  It hardly seems like drive-in food, but I had to have it.  Hummus is one of my all-time favorite things to eat.

So there I am, walking back to my friends with my goods.  I have a soft pretzel for my daughter, some fries for my son, an order of deep-fried macaroni and cheese to share, and an order of hummus with pretzels chips just for me.  Let me just go ahead and say right now that I'm probably never going to live down that hummus.  My friends thought it was hysterical that I ordered it and they gave me the hardest time.  In fact, they're still joking about it.  They were like "who eats hummus at the drive-in?"  Apparently I do and I would again.  I would eat it wherever, whenever, with whoever.  I would probably eat it everyday if I could.
 Smashed Spiced Chickpeas
*aka chunky hummus*
Adapted from The Naked Chef Takes Off
Serves 6 - yeah right!
One 14 oz. can of chickpeas or use 6 oz dried ones, soaked and cooked until tender
a good pinch of cumin seeds, pounded
1-2 small dried red chiles, crumbled
1 clove of garlic peeled and pounded to a paste (I used 3 cloves)
juice of 1 lemon (I used juice of half a lemon)
salt and black pepper
extra-virgin olive oil

Jamie says "This is so simple to make.  Really it's all about personal taste - the way I look at it is that chickpeas need a good kick up the backside to really get their flavors happening.  So by smashing them up and adding a good pinch of cumin for a bit of spice, a little dried chilli for a touch of heat, garlic for a bit of ooorrrggghhh, a good squeezing of lemon juice to give it a twang and seasoning to taste, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.  Then add extra-virgin olive oil to loosen and flavor.  Love it. "

Notes/Results:  Normally I like my hummus to be ultimately smooth and creamy, but I loved that this version didn't call for breaking out my food processor or my blender (I don't like cleaning either of those appliances).  This is a quick version of hummus that is fun to make.  I had fun using my mortar and pestle and was able to get out all my frustrations.  I added a bit more garlic and left it kinda chunky and I really enjoyed it with some store-bought garlic and chive pita chips.  I've determined that hummus is the perfect food to eat anytime, but is especially tasty in the summer months when the heat is oppressive and you can't imagine eating yet another salad.  Viva la hummus!

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  1. I was just thinking about the cartoon movie intermission know, this one:

    I don't see any hummus in there :)

  2. thats impressive and cool to watch a drive in movie we should do that sometime lovely recipe and post

  3. girl, i'll eat that hummus with you. when i visited my mom, who had somehow accumulated a TON of chickpeas, we made a LOT of hummus. i never got sick of it. i love this chunky style, it looks SO good.

  4. That's an awesome selection!! Crazy...none of ours have that ;) This looks awesome with the chunks, I'm definitely going to have to try it this way next time. And yeah...hubs and I are total hummus-freaks, too... ;P

  5. I think your selection at the refreshment stand was spot on. I'm definitely trying my hummus chunky next time I make a batch; great idea.

  6. This looks sooo good and I don't particularly even like hummus. Love the red pepper garnish Kim. Outstanding photography.

    Well maybe I'll try just a bite or two...after all, it's good for you, right?

  7. Before I even clicked on your post I had a feeling this was a Jamie Oliver recipe. I got his Food Revolution cookbook the other day and will be making my first recipe from it tomorrow. Can't wait! I love how this hummus doesn't take any tahini as we can only buy huge jars of it here and you usually only need a little bit. Looks yum Kim!

  8. I'm with you - hummus has become my go to food in these hot summer months because I am so over salad I can't see straight! Love the chunky texture here. I'll have to make my next batch of hummus like this I think :)

  9. So basically, the drive-thru is trying to get healthified! Nice. I can get down with that.

    I would have chosen the hummus also, for the record.

    I love that this is a little chunky! Great texture.

  10. Thanks for all the laughs!
    But I really wouldn't laugh at you for ordering hummus at a drive in.

    We love hummus here. I agree that cleaning blenders and food processors is a real drag. If I can get away without doing either...score!

  11. Chunky hummus - love it! An eating hummus at the drive-in, no less.
    I was watching Buffy the other day (what?) and Oz suggested attacking the mayor (demon) with hummus. It's its own punchline. Hummus!
    Great pick for a hot day.

  12. Fabulous healthy snack. I love it that you don't have to clean the food processor afterwards--what a total pain.
    *kisses* HH

  13. I can any hummus any time--it is the perfect movie snack to me. ;-) This looks fabulous. I need to make more chunky hummus. ;-)

  14. I think we'd love the chunky hummus. Have to try, you had me at easy and quick! It looks so good!

  15. Chunky hummus works for me. And really - who orders fries at a drive-in?


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