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José Andrés' Sausage with Cabbage #RecipesForThePeople


There are dishes that serve a family and then there are dishes that serve an army. Sausage and Cabbage is a recipe that serves an army. I was thrilled to see that Jose Andres has a very loose recipe for Sausage with Cabbage on his website. Cooks can literally make the recipe however they choose using his bare bones recipe.

You need only four ingredients to make this hearty and satisfying dish: Italian sausage, cabbage, onion  and garlic. Jose calls for sesame seeds and Pimenton, and they do add some pizazz, but are not totally necessary.

Cut the sausages or leave them whole. Chop the cabbage or cut it into thin slivers. Peel the garlic or don't. I like Jose's plan. He doesn't give you explicit instructions about chopping or amounts. It's your kitchen, he says. You're the cook. You make it your own!

 We love Italian sausage in this house and really enjoyed this recipe. We found it hearty and satisfying and absolutely perfect for this time of year. Total comfort food and more than enough to go around.

Sausage and Cabbage

Adapted from Jose Andres

Serves many

What You'll Need:





Sesame seeds


Olive Oil

The Recipe: You'll need some sausages, any kind. Then also onion, garlic, cabbage, sesame seed and paprika. The amounts are up to you (I used 5 sausages, 1 head of cabbage, 1 onion, 5 cloves of garlic, etc.) Start the oil in a large pan (the cabbage will need lots of space). Start with oil in the pan and lots of garlic (peeled or unpeeled, chopped onion. Add the sausage and saute so it's browned on all sides, and add some spices...pimenton, salt, anything old in your pantry that you want to get rid of.

Add the cabbage and keep stirring, then add some sesame seeds, if you have them. Saute until the sausage is cooked, and then at the end add some wine or whatever you're drinking. Write your own recipe he says! Then serve it!

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  1. We love to eat cabbage as a low carb noodle. This type of meal is right up our alley.

  2. This recipe is really suitable to serve an army. I have all the ingredients, there is no excuse not to make the dish although there is no army to feed. It makes sense for a weekday meal too for two.

  3. I love that this is simple, bare bones but still really hearty!


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