Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Ice Baby......and then snow, lots of snow

Well, you couldn't go anywhere in Kentucky today, even if you wanted to. Almost everything is closed. Schools, Business, doctor's offices, salons.....even Bob Evans opened up late today. I even saw that one of the malls would be closed. Many cities in Kentucky have been declared a state of emergency. There are over 100,000 people without power, including my mother and father-in-law. The roads are so bad that they can't even make it over to our house. Lot so people are stuck inside their house with no electricity or heat and no way to get out. Last time this happened there were people w/out power for 8 days. We live in a new subdivision and our powerlines are underground so we should be okay.

The trees in my backyard are covered with ice, not snow. We have been listening to the sounds of limbs and trees falling since last night. Now it is snowing......realling snowing. It is coming down like a blizzard. The news says there is only 1/4 mile visilibity. I don't even think there is that. I can't even see the field in my backyard. This kind of weather hardly ever happens here and we just aren't equipped to deal with it. I am hoping that my husband can make it home tomorrow. He has been working in Atlanta for the past two weeks.

Well, the kids are out of school and have been all week. It doesn't look like tomorrow looks good either. I think today we will stay in and make Tyler's Perfect Roast Chicken and maybe even his Brussel Sprouts Salad. Of course, this all depends on how the kids fare after being locked inside for four days......

Good luck to everyone who is dealing with this storm. It is a very bad and widespread storm.....I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

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