Sunday, April 28, 2019

Mark Bittman's Chilaquiles

Mark Bittman calls this dish Chilaquiles and I have to disagree. Chilaquiles is fried tortilla strips topped with a spicy salsa or tomato sauce and cheese. I love chilaquiles. This recipe is actually Migas, fried corn tortillas added to scrambled eggs and lots of fun toppings. I love Migas, too. Whatever you chose to call this dish, you definitely have to call it delicious!

A friend gave us the most amazing homemade salsa made from California red peppers and garlic. The salsa has a wonderful toasty flavor with a hint of heat and a touch of garlic and we have been craving it every single day. We wanted something with salsa for breakfast, but we were looking for something a little different. That's when I found this quick recipe in Bittman's Kitchen Express.

The toasted peppers in the salsa pair perfectly with the fried tortilla strips. I added in a little heat with some jalapeno and, dare I say, this dish does not even need any cheese. It is incredibly flavorful on it's own. It's got me thinking I need to start making my own salsa. Sometimes it is all the condiments!

Chilaquiles (Or Migas)
Adapted from Kitchen Express
by Mark Bittman
Serves 1

Cut corn tortillas into strips. Fry in not too much oil -with a few chopped jalapenos, pickled or not. If you feel in that direction - until crisp, about three minutes, turning on paper towels to drain. Beat a few eggs with milk or cream and salt and pepper, to taste. Heat a tablespoon or so of the frying oil and add the tortilla strips and the eggs. Cook, stirring, until the eggs are done, two to four minutes. Garnish with salsa, chopped avocado, cheese, scallions, sour cream, or whatever else you like. 


  1. This looks like a fun meal to enjoy on lazy weekends with the family! Looks delicious!

  2. Oh, I'm not sure the jalapenos would agree with me lately but I surely like this dish no mater what you call it.


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