Sunday, February 17, 2019

"Pizza" My Heart Challenge {My Top Five Pizza Recipes}

You want a "pizza" my heart?

This week at I Heart Cooking Clubs we are celebrating Valentine's Day with pizza. Here is a roundup of all my favorite pizza recipes!

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Pepin's Yellow Pepper, Gruyere, and Pine Nut Pizza is a refreshing and light take on pizza using pita bread. It's topped with nutty Gruyere, briny salty sliced black olives, beautiful fresh yellow pepper, and crunchy pine nuts. It is a flavor and texture delight perfect for the warm weather months and/or a quick lunch!

Giada's Cheesy Muffin Pizzas are cute little pizza minis for kids, and adults. These little minis are stuffed with a chicken filling, lots of creamy cheeses, spinach, and Italian seasoning and they will fly off your table.

Giada's Fourth Of July Pizza belongs on every Fourth of July table. It's hard to resist the pepperoni stripes and the spinach and ricotta stars. This pizza cuts into several small squares making it perfect for any 4th of July picnic and is fun for people of all ages!

There's cheese lover's pizza, meat lover's pizza, and veggie lover's pizza. Then there's this's for the bread lovers. With a crust that is 1-1'2" thick and lots of dimples for sauce and cheese, this one is a major contender. If you love the deep dish style then this is a pizza recipe for you.

Giada knocks it out of the park with this recipe. This is easily my favorite recipe for pizza ever. Pizza crust sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then topped with a creamy Mascarpone cheese topping, and decorated with the most colorful beautiful berries. It's total heaven and you should most definitely make it and share it at any spring or summer celebration. It is so dreamy and delightful!


  1. Oh wow. Always ready for a new way to make pizza. I think I like giadia's sweet pizza

  2. Beautiful and dreamy bites for all seasons. Tough to decide which one to eat or make?


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