Thursday, July 14, 2016

Nigel Slater's Stir Fry of Broccoli and Lamb

We love a good stir fry in my house and it has been far too long since the last. It's no wonder then that Nigel Slater's Stir Fry of Broccoli and Lamb literally jumped off the page at me! Lamb stir fry? With our favorite veggie, broccoli? Why hadn't I thought of this before?

So happy I found this gem of a recipe because it was fabulous! The lamb was so succulent (a word I use a lot when cooking Nigel's recipes).  Flavorful and tender, it is the perfect base for the broccoli, garlic, and chilies.  However, the winning component of this dish was the sauce.   

A simple mixture of soy sauce, sugar and lime juice? How can that be so stinkin' delicious? Yet it totally makes this stir fry.  I poured the sauce on the stir fry as it was finishing and my entire family ran to the kitchen wondering what in the world smelled so good! The sauce coated the stir fry leaving behind glossy veggies and juicy bits of lamb. All the yummy browned bits from the bottom of the pan mingled with the stir fry to make one perfect dish.

Mouths drooled as I added white rice to the bowls and placed the stir fry on top.  It was hard to get pictures of this one. This dish needs little extra in the way of a garnish, but I enjoyed mine with a little extra cilantro and a drizzle of Sriracha to spice things up! Heavenly!

Stir-Fry of Broccoli & Lamb
Adapted from Tender
Serves 4

Broccoli - 2 large handfuls of florets
green onions - 6 whole
garlic - 6 plump cloves
3 hot red chilies
3 tablespoons canola oil
1 pound of ground lamb
a lime
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 teaspoons sugar
handful of cilantro

Blanch the florets of broccoli in boiling water for one minute. Drain and set aside. Chop the green onions, removing the darkest green leaves as you go. Peel the garlic and chop it finely, then seed and chop the chilies. Get the oil really hot in a shallow pan or wok, then cook the onions, garlic, and chilies until soft but not colored, moving them quickly round the pan as you go. It will appear there is too much oil, but bear with me.

Add the ground lamb and let it color appetizingly. It should go a rich golden color. Add the drained broccoli. In a small bowl, mix the juice of the lime with the soy sauce and sugar. Add to the hot pan and let sizzle briefly, scraping at the gooey stickings on the bottom of the pan and stirring them in as you go. Check the seasoning - you may need a little salt - and stir in the cilantro.


  1. We haven't had lamb in a while. This is another I will have to bookmark. It['s been hot here, like everywhere this time of year, so I have been making cooler type recipes. The kitchen gets so dog-gone hot!

  2. Those flavours sound like they would be amazing with lamb.

  3. This looked so appealing that I tried to stir fry some protein with broccoli the day I read this. I have to say your dish turned out much better than mine. Well done, Kim!

  4. I have yet to try lamb in a stir fry. This one sounds like a good one to try!

  5. You can't beat a good stir fry and the fact that this one is full of family favorites only makes it better. I love the sound of that simple sauce too. ;-)

  6. This looks delicious! More cilantro on mine too! I have five of his books and Tender is not one of them! Got to make it the number 6th!


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