Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quick Raspberry and Banana Ice Cream

Freezing rain, sleet, and snow are crashing in on us as Winter Storm 2014 rapidly approaches. Quick! What do you do to prepare for such a serious storm? You make ice cream!! Making ice cream makes perfect sense to us parents who have been housebound with our children for 17 snow days and counting.  Here in Kentucky a snow day is a sure thing for tomorrow.  I'm not even going to watch the news, or check the school listings, or bother setting any alarms.  I'm sleeping in.  Then I might just wake up and eat ice cream.  Yep, it's kind like that at this point in time.  I'm ready for some sunshine.

This ice cream is really cheater ice cream. All you do is mix store-bought vanilla ice cream with frozen raspberries and frozen bananas in a food processor.  That's it! The end result is a gorgeous pink-hued ice cream that is so cheery and bright it's sure to brighten any wintery day.  Plus, adding all that fruit really kinda stretches the ice cream out. Not to mention, adding all that fruit really kinda makes this ice cream healthy so you can actually justify eating it.  Gotta get your five a day in somehow.

 Quick Raspberry and Banana Ice Cream
Serves 4

2 cups frozen raspberries
2 bananas, chopped and frozen
1 cup (250ml) premium thick store-bought vanilla custard
fresh raspberries, to serve
store-bought biscuits, such as shortbread or amaretti, to serve 


  1. I really wish we were having a snow day tomorrow so I would have time to make this!! I do love how pretty in pink it is. And fruity!

  2. I love Donna's 'cheat's' recipes--so easy and so good. I love the bright pink color of this creamy ice cream too.

    Stay warm! ;-)

  3. Oh, Kim, I don't know how you cope with all those snow days - I would definitely turn to ice cream too!! Actually just 3 days into autumn and we had our first little blast of cooler days ahead today. I'm totally not ready for autumn, let alone the pending winter, but no matter how cold it gets I can always eat ice cream and this one looks like a real treat.

  4. Wish I have some right now. Looks divine! You are right about ice cream, perfect anytime of the day, at any kind of weather! :)

  5. That ice cream looks wonderful! I love the idea of doctoring some store-bought and making it into something special, especially with raspberries, my favourite fruit!

  6. That's a lot of snow! I have bronchitis right now and the thought of a bowl of ice cream soothing my throat is very welcome. It truly is welcome in any weather.

    So, I haven't had a phone of laptop in a week and haven't been updating, but I do have exciting news. My granddaughter was born a bit early and she is a healthy beauty. Had to share with you :-)


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