Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fresh Lime Ice with Berries

I don't like hot weather at all.  Anything above 90 degrees is pushing it for me.  This 100 degree heatwave we've been having has really been testing my limits.  However, in an effort to be positive and go with the flow, I've tried telling myself that I love the hot weather.  If you say it enough times it must be true, right?

When I'm wheeling my grocery cart across the blacktop in the middle of the day, with two kids hanging on me, I tell myself the heat feels wonderful.  After all, I love hot weather.
When I get in my car and the temperature gauge says 120F I tell myself it's good for my character.  You just gotta tough these things out sometimes, right?  When the kids start whining about the heat I tell them the same thing. I chuckle to myself because they love it when I tell them things like that.   
When I get home and it's time to carry in all the groceries (and the back of my shirt is already soaked with sweat) I tell myself I should just be thankful to have groceries to carry in the house. 

For the past two months I've tried convincing myself that I love the heat.  I was successful in my endeavor until this past Thursday.  On Thursday I was walking out of the grocery store and I literally reached my melting point.  It was crazy stupid hot and miserably humid.  I felt like laying down and having a temper tantrum just like my five year old.  Right then and there I decided I was going to quit lying to myself.  The fact is I just can't stand the heat.

So, for the rest of the summer I'm hiding inside.  The only reason I'm going outside is to check the mail or walk to my car.  On the off chance I'm forced to brave the great outdoors you will find me rewarding myself with something really cold like this super icy refreshing lime ice.  This lime ice stays really cold.  Almost too cold to eat.  It's the stuff of dreams on a hot summer day.

Fresh Lime Ice with Berries
Adapted from Mexican Everyday
by Rick Bayless
Serves 4-6 

5 to 6 large limes (or enough to make 3/4 cup lime juice)
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup corn syrup
2 to 3 cups fresh raspberries, blackberries or strawberries for garnish

Grate the zest (colored part only) of 2 of the limes and scrape into a large bowl.  (If the zest is in large pieces, finely chop it.)  Juice the limes, measure 3/4 cup and pour it in with the zest.  Add the sugar, corn syrup and 1-3/4 cups water.  Stir until the sugar dissolves.

Pour the mixture into the canister of your ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer's directions.  The ice will have the best texture if you transfer it from the ice cream maker into a container and let it firm up for several hours in the freezer.  The ice is best eaten within 24 hours.  Scoop it into small dishes and sprinkle with the berries.

Alternatively, pour the mixture into a 13 x 9-inch baking dish, slide it into the freezer and "still-freeze" the mixture - stir it thoroughly after 45 minutes, then twice more at 15 minute intervals.  It's that easy,  (This is my preferred method for making any fruit ice.  I think the texture is so much better than using your ice cream maker).

Theme: Nieves (Icy Cold Treats)


  1. Kim, I made this one too - no berries for me though, as they are out of season here.

    I definitely couldn't cope with that kind of heat, though I admit a bit of heat would be nice right now.

    Hope you enjoy the lime ice as much as I did.

  2. Too cold to eat sounds very, very nice. I like that an ice cream maker isn't needed for this--I like granita texture too. (Not that I'm knocking ice cream, mind you!) I swear that the caulking on my South facing windows melts in the afternoon. Just like me ;-)

  3. and I'd take any of that lime ice!! Mmmm...

  4. It's crazy hot up here in Toronto (Canada) and I can definitely relate to your thoughts on this heat. I would love Lime Ices right about now!

  5. I love the heat but it would be better if I had one of these awesome ice desserts!

  6. Kim, this looks so refreshing! I love anything lime and I'm with you all the way. I am SO SICK of the heat this summer (I can't believe I'm saying that) and am so ready for fall. The heat and humidity is really getting to me. You're not alone. Have a great week!

  7. Your lime ice is sure to cool you off Kim. You and my SIL are the same. She's counting the days until October. On the other hand, I love summer and all of the foods associated with it, especially homegrown tomatoes. But when the temps climb over 90, it gets to me too!

  8. I don’t blame you Kim. I am hating this hot weather. Staying in sounds like a plan…the heat has been brutal. The lime ice looks like a wonderful treat. Growing up outside Philly I would love getting the Italian ices in summer. Really cools ya down. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know Rick Bayless had any non-spicy recipes! Great choice to beat the summer heat.

  9. This looks like the perfect summer dessert!

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  10. That is a truly refreshing ice! I love the addition of the raspberries.
    Thanks re my mango ice - Bayless has me sold on ices!

  11. i SO feel your pain. it hasn't gotten quite as hot up here, but the humidity is killing me. i love your attitude though, i'll have to try loving the heat for a while, maybe it will help while i'm melting in my apartment!

    the ice looks like the perfect thing to cool off, i love the flavors.

    i have a recipe shout out for you on my blog :)

  12. I love your philosophy and outlook Kim….since I've been indoors on the mend for one month, I've not felt the pain of the heat as much. But being thankful for what we have is surely one way to endure the heat, as you pointed out. And I absolutely love this recipe, especially with the lovely red raspberries!

  13. This looks like the perfect treat to cool you down! ;-) I am going to make hi lime Ice one of these days before we switch to a new chef--it looks so good. ;-)


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