Friday, March 16, 2012

Crostini with Asparagus

This has been a wild week.  You know those weeks where you're on the run every minute and barely have time to think?  Yep, it's been a week like that.  The good news is that we received the most wonderful news about my 5 year old son, Jackson.  When Jackson was 6 months old he was diagnosed with severe food allergies: wheat, eggs, soy, beef, pork, turkey, and any kind of legume (peanuts, tree nuts, green beans, lima beans, kidney name it).  At first it was daunting and overwhelming, but soon we adjusted and made the best of it.  Every year we would go back for allergy testing and every year Jackson's allergies would get worse.  When he was three, the doctor told me not to bother coming back the following year.  No point paying a ton of money for testing when the results were so disappointing all the time.

This Tuesday we got in the car and headed to the allergist for our first appointment in two years.  It felt like a necessary evil and I really wasn't expecting any improvement.  Imagine my surprise when the doctor told me that Jackson SHOULD be able to start eating wheat, eggs, and soybeans!!   It was really the most pleasant surprise and although I'm not really a crybaby, I did cry right there in the doctor's office.  Tears and all.   I was absolutely elated.  It felt like a miracle.  A huge relief.  A sign of hope.
Right now we are introducing wheat to Jackson like you would to a baby.  Small bites here and there.  He has had some allergic reactions but they are much less severe than before which gives us hope that he can overcome the allergy.  And, if nothing else, we know that the wheat, egg, and soybean allergies WILL eventually go away.  So, this week was a lesson in hope.  Just when you think there is none.  It's a beautiful thing.  

Since I'm on a feel good streak this week I decided to make something with asparagus.  I think we all have foods that make us feel good and for me one of them is asparagus.  I loved this crostini made with scrambled eggs, parmesan cheese, lots of black pepper, and of course, pretty spears of green asparagus.  This makes for a wonderful breakfast but would also be gorgeous for a nice spring brunch.     
Crostini with Asparagus
Adapted from Twelve 
by Tessa Kiros
Serves 6

12 thin-stemmed asparagus
4 eggs
3 tablespoons milk
2 tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan cheese
6 thick, large slices white country-style bread, halved
1 tablespoon butter

Rinse the asparagus well to get rid of any sand.  Trim away the woody ends.  Tie them up into a neat bundle with kitchen string, and boil the asparagus in lightly salted water for about 10 inutes, or until tender - but not too soft - testing the spear to check for readiness.  Drain and cut off about 1/3 of the end of each asparagus and chop (reserve for eggs).

Whip the eggs lightly in a bowl with the milk, season with salt and add the Parmesan cheese and the chopped asparagus.  Grill the bread slices on both sides and put 2 slices onto each individual serving plate.

Melt the butter in a saucepan and add the eggs.  Cook on a medium heat and stir with a wooden spoon to scramble them for a couple of minutes, leaving them slightly creamy.  Spoon the eggs over the bread slices, top with the asparagus spears and add some black pepper.  Serve immediately. 
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  1. These look great! We do asparagus and eggs a lot but we just make big sandwiches. Maybe next time I'll make these instead.

  2. I'm so happy for you and for your little guy! I love asparagus too and will be making this recipe. Yum! Thanks! and i agree also...without hope we are nothing.

  3. Yahoo for Jackson!
    I just picked a bunch of asparagus from the garden for dinner, now I have a recipe too.

  4. Congratulations Kim! That is fabulous news for you and Jackson. I love asparagus too. I like to dip it in runny egg yolks sometimes and this crostini with the scrambled eggs looks like another wonderful way to enjoy it. ;-)

  5. That's such AMAZING news! I'm so happy for you guys! These crostini look many fresh healthy flavors in here!

  6. Yum, Kim! And they certainly are beautiful.

    A giant high five for Jackson. Great news.

  7. I am watching two nieces go through the same thing with their kids... hoping one day that they will grow out of at least some of their allergies. Happy for you - not just for more freedom in cooking - but life is so scary out there with food allergies. People don't think. Now - this crostini is a grand way to celebrate the early spring... that might go away. That might bring hot weather. I'll take each and every asparagus dish you have while it's good!

  8. That is such great information you and good news you received, Kim. Good for Jackson!! Love your crostini. Also, thanks for your nice comments at my place and understanding about lack of visitation whilst my computer was ill. I missed being able to visit places, could only keep up through Google Reader at work :-(

    Loved cooking with the group on the Joy the Baker adventure.

  9. Oh how heart breaking it must have been for you - such a foodie - to have had to protect your child from some of the most common and loved foods! I'm so glad that your son can enjoy these foods again.

  10. i don't doubt for a second that there were tears, i would have reacted the same way. that had to have been the best news ever. food allergies are very consuming. i'm so happy for you guys.

    i can't think of a better way to celebrate than a gorgeous spring dish like this. i just love the asparagus.

  11. That is great news! I am so glad for him. And you. I've never seen a crostini like this and I love what I see. I could eat these for any meal. Totally delicious!

  12. Great news about Jackson! Harry had a few childhood ailments (some allergy and asthma stuff) that he grew out of. So happy to hear that Jackson isn't quite as sensitive as he was.
    And I love the breakfast crostini, in fact I wish I had it right now to go with my coffee. ☺

  13. Wonderful news about your son, Kim. There will be a lot of experimenting at your house for a while til you see what he can handle.
    Your simple crostini looks delicious.

  14. I'm so thrilled for your family's good health news! And these asparagus crostini are genius and mouthwatering! I could eat the whole batch EASILY!


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