Monday, February 21, 2011

Moosewood Mondays: Fresh Strawberry Mousse

My four-year old son, Jackson, has a long list of food allergies.  The allergies include, but are not limited to: beef; pork; turkey; eggs; wheat; all nuts, beans, legumes and lentils; and soy.  His diet is pretty limited, so I'm always on the hunt for recipes that he can enjoy. This recipe for fresh strawberry mousse is perfect for him since it doesn't call for eggs or flour, neither of which he can have.  I'm always thrilled when I can find something new for him that we can all enjoy together as a family.
Fresh Strawberry Mousse
Serves 4-6

4 cups sliced strawberries
6 tablespoons cornstarch
2/3 cup sugar
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon grated lemon rind
1/2 pint heavy cream, whipped
1 cup firm yogurt (nonfat ok), stirred until smooth

Place the strawberries in a medium-sized saucepan.  Cover and cook over medium heat for 5-8 minutes, until it looks like soup.  Transfer to a medium-sized bowl and set aside.

Without washing it first, use the same saucepan for this step.  Combine the cornstarch, sugar, and lemon juice in the pan, and whisk until uniform.

Pour the still-hot strawberry soup back into the cornstarch mixture, whisking constantly. Return the pan to the stove, and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly until thick.  (This should take about 5 minutes.)  Remove from heat, and stir in the lemon rind.

Transfer back to the same bowl the strawberries had been in, and cool to room temperature.

Puree until smooth in a food processor or blender, and return to the bowl.  Cover tightly and chill until cold.

Fold in the whipped cream or yogurt and serve.
Notes/Results:  We all loved it! The mousse was sweet and creamy with quite a bit of thickness to it which made it a very filling dessert. I halved the recipe and still had enough for 4 large portions.   I used the whipped cream this time around but also like the option of subbing yogurt, specifically Greek yogurt, in place of the whipped cream in this recipe.  Either variation would make for a heavenly dessert.


  1. Yummy, these look creamy and delicious. I wish strawberries were cheaper out here because I would be making this today.

  2. What a long list...poor guy =( . I think these are definitely a great find...they look so light and fluffy and creamy and deeeelicious!

  3. My nephew has a list like that and for holidays I'm always searching fr something that everyone could enjoy - so he doesn't feel singled out with "special food." This is wonderful and I will be doing this with Greek yogurt. What a winter brightener!

  4. whoa! I knew Jackson had a few allergies but I never realized the extent! You must be superwoman trying to find things that he can eat! I'm amazed.

    Oh this mousse looks so delicious! I love the idea of a strawberry flavored one...makes me feel like spring is around the corner!

  5. Kim, what a long and extensive list of quite unusual allergies (like the beef and pork). I'm sure that this poses all kinds of challenges for you come dinner time. The mousse must have been such a great find, especially for Jackson and looks delicious!

  6. I love the strawberry mousse! I'm going to have to try it as soon as strawberries are in season here.
    That is a lot of food allergies...

  7. Wow, this looks so light and refreshing and inviting! You know creamy desserts are my favourite.
    Hey - my used book came today and it ended up being one of the original ones! Just like yours - I'm so happy!

  8. hey... i'm sure you have, but have you thought about treating the allergies instead of avoiding them?... my brother had this amazing magnetic therapy where he had to stand on a special metal plate and it reversed the polarity in his blood (I know this sounds like science fiction but it's true) and it cured a load of his allergies... i'll try and find out what the therapy was called and get back to you... still amazing looking mousse, so no worries there!

  9. Oh my goodness! Does this ever look and sound good Kim. Light, refreshing, but seriously delicious. I'm a huge whipped cream fan so you know what I'd be using, lol. And your poor son. My gosh, I didn't realize he was allergic to so many things!! You must be extremely versatile in the kitchen, I guess you have to be!

  10. oh wow poor little guy hope he grows out of them, this mousse looks so so good bet he was a happy camper

  11. Poor little guy. But also lucky that he has a mamma who keeps an eye out for dishes the whole family can enjoy. The mousse looks incredible. I'll be trying this one for sure!

    I didn't know if you'd go back to read comments...
    My hummingbird picture-it's last year in my neighbor's yard. We aren't that green yet, but getting there!

    Posting the punch on Cocktail Puppy is fine with me. Thanks!

  12. Looks just amazing, my little guy loves all things strawberry and I know he would love this. As far as this go, so would his mom!

  13. Poor little guy. I agree with the others. You must be supermom. I hope he grows out of them. Glad to know he enjoyed this creamy mousse.

  14. oh my gosh, everything you post looks SO good. this looks just incredible. my daughter has actually named herself The Strawberry Thief (which she totally is, ha!), she would love this, we all would!

    poor little bud! it's not easy to have to deal with so many allergies. how lucky he is to have such a sweet mommy that will make him treats he can enjoy!

  15. These are like pink, puffy clouds of goodness. ;-) You have given me yet another recipe to tag to try. I am sure your son must have loved it and i echo everyone else--he is lucky to have you to cook for him and find him great things to eat with all those limitations. ;-)

  16. Finding something the whole family can enjoy is truly worthy of celebration. My grandson also has a list of allergens and it is always a challenge for my daughter also.

    Thankfully, he is not allergic to any of the ingredients in this gorgeous mousse. (I think:)

    I'll be sending this link to my daughter in Idaho, ASAP!

    Thanks for sharing, Kim...

    P.S. Do "they" keep telling you he will "grow out of them?" Just curious...

  17. POOR Jackson!!!!!!! That just SUCKS. No PORK or BEEF????? I don't think I could get out of bed in the morning, knowing I could have beef or pork. You are a great mom for ferreting out these great recipes for him.

  18. Oo this looks so fresh and yummy for spring! I would probably use vanilla Greek yogurt instead of the cream--great recipe!


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