Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Winner of the Lush Giveaway is.........

Congrats to Arlene at The Food of Love! Arlene is the winner of the Lush product giveaway. I will be sending Arlene a message so that she can collect her prize. Arlene has a great shrimp and mushroom ravioli dish over on her blog right now, go check out : )

Thank you to everyone who entered the drawing. I really enjoyed reading the comments about your first "trials" in the kitchen. Sounds like pasta is a popular choice!! Here is what Arlene had to say about one of her first dishes in the kitchen:

I love pasta, too, but it isn't the first "dish" I remember cooking. No, that would be toasted mozzarella. Yes, I did say toasted and I didn't mean on a sandwich. When mom wasn't around, I would spear a big hunk of mozzarella on her big fork and hold it over the gas flame until it got nice, blistery char marks--yes, and made a mess, which I'd clean up after devouring the melted cheese.

Well, I think most of us will agree that any kind of cheese, especially melted, is also a good reason to get into the kitchen! Thanks to everyone who shared their stories.


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