Friday, April 17, 2009

Tyler's Egg Salad for Tyler Florence Fridays

First let me start by saying that I am so happy I finally found my copy of Stirring the Pot. I knew it was somewhere. The funny thing is that I found it under the bed. I must have took it to bed with me and forgot about it! Well, things have been pretty chaotic around here lately. I knew I wouldn't have time to cook this week. I decided to make egg salad, which I love, with the leftover Easter eggs. I wonder how many other people thought of the same thing? Tyler's recipe can be found here and also on food network.

Everyone loved this egg salad and it was super easy. I was surprised that everyone loved it because my mom loves all kinds of things in her egg salad and my husband does not. It was simply eggs, mayo, a tad of dijon and 1/2 lemon, juiced. I liked the idea of the lemon to thin the dressing out. It makes things a little healthier and adds an extra little zip. I also left out about half of the yolks.

I won't be able to post next Friday because we will be on our Disney Cruise. We are going with one of my best friends and her family. She and I have been friends since we were about 4 or 5 years old and she lives in Ohio, along with most of my other friends and relatives. I usually only see her a couple times a year for a couple hours. Starting Saturday I will get to see her and her family for about 8-10 days straight!! We are so excited. Our oldest children were born only 1 month apart and they love spending time together when they get the chance. We are also going to go to the Magic Kingdom and try to go to another park. My 2 year old is going to probably freak out when he sees Mickey. I am convinced he is about the biggest Mickey fan around. This is his first real trip to Disney. We are hoping for a safe drive and also a safe vacation.

Thanks to Megan and everyone who helped me figure out how to add the link to my posts without actually copying and pasting it. I really appreciate it! I am hoping to become my computer literate this year.

I'll be back the last week of April!! I'll miss my blogging and feel like I might be sneaking down to find a computer at bad is that?


  1. Have a wonderful time! Sounds like lots of fun.
    I am a big fan of egg salad too, I love the lemon juice idea.

  2. Egg salad is one of my favorite things and if I had not have made deviled eggs with my leftovers I would have made some. Tyler's recipe looks great-adding lemon juice is interesting.

    Have a great time on the cruise!

  3. Have a fabulous time on your trip! I am so jealous, I can't stand it.

    And I'm glad I could help you with the links.

    I love egg salad too - and I'm sure so many people did the same thing with all the leftover eggs.

    BTW - I forgot to mention it in the comment I posted above, Jackson is just as cute as can be!

  4. We love Egg Salad and I'm glad to see a Tyler recipe. With summer fast approaching there will be many times when we just want a light dinner and this will be perfect.

    Have a great time on vacation. Keep the kids busy so you can relax and chat with your fun!

  5. Have a nice trip!
    (I had no left over eggs from Easter, but think I could get my 6 year old trying this after the eggs he inhaled at Easter.)


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